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The Common Travel Area – Working and Residency Rights Post-Brexit

A recent agreement between the United Kingdom and Ireland will allow citizens of both countries to retain the right to live and work in either country after the UK’s departure…

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Age Discrimination and Justification in the Public Sector

A recent decision by the Labour Court provides food for thought for both employers and employees on what constitutes an objective justification for age discrimination in the…

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Adverse Weather and Employee Pay – a Labour Court Recommendation

Over the last number of years, the increasingly changing weather patterns have had an adverse effect on the ability of businesses in Ireland to operate, and consequently, the…

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Considering purchasing property in Ireland?

Investment climate and market trends Both the commercial and residential marketplace in Ireland are expected to remain strong in 2019. Ireland’s residential real estate market…

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Find out if your startup is eligible for up to €500,000 in tax relief

Startups may benefit from the government’s recently extended tax relief in effect through the end of 2021. Under the Start-up Capital Incentive (SCI) scheme, enacted as part of…

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FDI in USA—Not Just for Big Business

Irish companies are increasingly seeking the benefits of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the United States. Add Brexit concerns to the mix—and the bonus of a robust US…

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Sexual Harassment and Defamation in the Workplace

Introduction Defamation in Ireland can arise through a statement which tends to lower the reputation of an individual in the eyes of right-thinking members of society. Recently,…

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Protection of IP in event of no-Brexit deal should be top priority for international businesses

Uncertainly continues to swirl around Brexit—from the possibility of a vote to rule out a no-deal Brexit, a vote to extend the United Kingdom’s departure, to the possibility…

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Airbnb and Material Change of Use

Changing rules for short-term letting (STL) platforms, such as Airbnb from Dublin to Berlin As tourism increases and rents continue to rise due to increased demand for housing,…

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Defamation in the Workplace

Introduction Can an employee sue their employer, former employer or colleagues, for defamation of character in Ireland? Questions often arise regarding whether the statements made…

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