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While Court backlog grows longer due to COVID, one Irish Solicitor has a solution

October 21, 2020

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ADVISORY: While Court backlog grows longer due to COVID, one Irish Solicitor has a solution

20 October 2020 – Dublin – With the return to Level 5 of the Framework for Living with COVID-19, the Ireland Court Services announced yesterday that a very limited number of only very urgent matters will be addressed for the next six weeks. This is on top of the backlog of hundreds of cases that was created by the near complete shutdown of the court system earlier this year.  Because of the increasing backlog, many parties involved in litigation are suffering, not only because their disputes aren’t capable of being resolved in a timely manner, but also in a time of acute financial crisis are reconsidering the resources that may be available for litigation.

After watching a number of clients suffer earlier this year because their case couldn’t be quickly handled by the Courts, Setanta Landers, a partner with the international law firm Tully Rinckey, reached out to number of eminent Senior Counsel, who agreed to partner with a new online platform with an aim to provide an online mechanism to resolve commercial disputes in Ireland by way of arbitration to bring finality to suitable disputes.

That online platform is called Armistice (, and offers an online platform for persons involved in a commercial dispute to mutually come together to choose an arbitrator drawn from distinguished panel to adjudicate their dispute in a timely manner. Crucially, it can bring finality and certainty of costs to these persons at a fraction of the cost and time needed to resolve matters before the Courts.

Mr. Landers is a partner with Tully Rinckey’s Dublin office.  He consults on a range of matters, including commercial and civil litigation, data protection, planning law, taxation, corporate and commercial services, property disputes, including landlord and tenant, intellectual property law disputes, and employment law disputes. He has authored articles and provided comment on COVID-19 related issues in Ireland, and has a proven track record of running multiple complex workloads and coordinating ongoing litigation, with experience at all levels of the Irish courts.

“The last recession taught us that when faced with the bigger picture, it can make sense to seek to resolve disputes neatly with certainty around costs, time frame and certainly with regard to the adjudicator,” said Mr. Landers, “I see Armistice as complementing the legal profession and its ability to operate effectively electronically and remotely. Out of every crisis comes innovation.”

The Armistice platform allows parties to have their own electronic “space” as well as a shared space and each party can share files, information and sensitive materials easily, in their space and the joint space without worrying about data security or compromising confidential documents.

Mr. Landers is available for comment on COVID and the impact on the Irish courts, and the long-range implications of the return to Level 5.  To schedule an interview with Mr. Landers, please contact Michael Murray at + 353 1 9637000 or via email at


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