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For the Second Consecutive Year, Tully Rinckey Ireland Obtains Coveted Certification

October 9, 2020

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For the Second Consecutive Year, Tully Rinckey Ireland Obtains Coveted Certification

9 October 2020 – Dublin – For the second consecutive year, Tully Rinckey Ireland is pleased to announce it has received the Q9000 certification, demonstrating the firm’s ongoing commitment to maintaining exceptional risk and quality procedures to ensure total client satisfaction, security and peace of mind.

“Receiving the Q9000 certification for the second consecutive year is testament to Tully Rinckey Ireland’s consistently high level of leadership, and the development and implementation of innovative and strategic legal services,” said Grainne Loughnane, Managing Partner of Tully Rinckey Ireland. “In addition to providing superior legal services, Tully Rinckey Ireland has an ongoing commitment to employing the highest-quality policies and procedures.  The result of this commitment is our clients benefit from our advanced procedures associated with practice management, systems management, and financial management practices.”

Irish firms with the Q9000 accreditation have been independently audited by the Institute of Legal Research & Standards and rank among the highest-quality law firms in Ireland. Tully Rinckey Ireland’s Q9000 certification ensures not only that it has superior policies and procedures in place to serve its clients, but that it has been independently verified that the interests of the firm’s clients are in the best possible hands.

“I was delighted to formally present the team at Tully Rinckey LLP (Ireland) with their Q9000 gold standard certificate today,” said Julie Brennan, Managing Director of The Institute of Legal Research. “This is the third year of accreditation for the firm and they have continued to impress. At a time when adherence to risk management standards within the legal profession is more important than ever, Tully Rinckey LLP have clearly demonstrated their commitment to managing risk and the achievement of best practise compliance. Huge congratulations to all involved.”

Tully Rinckey Ireland opened its first office in Dublin, Ireland on July 4, 2018 as part of U.S.-based Tully Rinckey PLLC’s international expansion, led by Founding Partners Mathew B. Tully and Greg T. Rinckey, and is connected to Tully Rinckey’s international network. The firm, which is headquartered in New York, and founded in 2004, currently has 11 U.S. offices, a Dublin office and a London office, which opened in 2019. The firm is backed by a team of 120 employees and consultants offering 24/7 service to its clients, which has allowed for the firm’s entrance into the Irish market and its rapid expansion since July 2018.

“Our commitment to maintain exceptional risk and quality procedures has certainly contributed to the growth of Tully Rinckey Ireland” Loughnane said.  “We continue our growth by adding new solicitors and staff, and expanding our service offerings in areas such as Investment Funds and Real Estate.”

For more information, or to speak with Grainne Loughnane about Tully Rinckey Ireland’s Q9000 certification or other aspects of the firm, please contact Michael Murray at + 353 1 9637000 or via email at


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