Whether your estate is simple, complex, or somewhere in between, our goal is to provide you reasonably priced, efficient, and compassionate service when you are faced with the complicated and confusing decisions that often arise during stressful and traumatic times in your life.

Our team provides a wide range of services in this area, including:

  • Advising on the creation of a new will and drafting of same.
  • Advising in relation to an existing will and re-drafting where your circumstances and wishes may have changed.
  • Extracting the relevant Grants of Representation. Grants of Representation confirms the executor(s) or administrator(s) (collectively referred to as Personal Representatives) have the necessary legal authority to deal with the assets of the Deceased. There are three types of Grants of Representation;
    • Grants of Probate- This is used where the Deceased has a valid will and an Executor;
    • Grant of Administration with Will Annexed- This is used where the Deceased has a valid will but no Executor;
    • Grant of Administration Intestate- This is where the Deceased has no valid will.
  • Extracting Grants of Probate. This is the document which confirms that the executors have the necessary authority to deal with the deceased’s assets.
  • Extracting Letters of Administration. These letters appoint a person(s) to deal with the deceased’s assets where they have passed away without a valid will (also referred to as intestacy).
  • Administering estates once the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration have been extracted.

Trusts and their creation usually occur as a consequence of the drafting a will, and the services of an experienced estate planning solicitor can be invaluable when making a decision about trusts. Where complex, trusts are also created under the guidance of a tax consultant.  A trust may be created for many reasons, including the timing of asset distribution or the control of assets for beneficiaries who may not be able to manage them due to age or other factors.

The key to successful planning is taking action as soon as possible, while you’re still alert, aware, and healthy. We can help you develop an estate plan that meets your needs and allows your loved ones to understand your wishes even if it gets to the point when you can no longer communicate with them.

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Tully Rinckey Dublin provides a wide range of Irish and international clients the full spectrum of legal services they need to achieve their commercial objectives in an increasingly complex and globalized world.

Our solicitors advise clients across multiple practice areas, including business law, corporate law, corporate immigration, employment law, intellectual property, data protection and tax law.

Tully Rinckey’s global platform allows our Dublin solicitors to quickly marshal relevant experience across different practice areas and offices. The integrated nature of the Dublin practice means our Irish solicitors work closely, and on a regular basis, with their counterparts across the globe, delivering an efficient and cost-effective legal service to our clients.

Commitment to Our Clients

Our team-oriented philosophy encourages open and ongoing communication. Our solicitors and other support staff working will work with you to ensure we understand your goals. Our commitment to you means meeting your objectives, working attentively and persistently toward your success, and efficiently adjusting to your changing needs.

Commitment to Quality

At Tully Rinckey, our commitment to quality never ends. We will listen to your legal concerns, and provide clear and concise legal advice in plain language to assist you with your legal issues and if required, represent you in legal proceedings.

In a fast moving legal landscape our already knowledgeable solicitors are continuously learning and honing their skills. You can be confident you will always receive the most innovative and up to date legal strategies.

We will make ourselves accessible to you, committing to be your long-term legal partner.

Full Service Legal Firm

Our firm has particular expertise in business law, company and corporate services, data protection and GDPR, employment law equality and discrimination law, immigration law, intellectual property, litigation and dispute resolution, planning law, real estate and property, tax and technology law..

We also offer a variety of services, such as incorporating and filing annual returns for Irish Companies, registering patents and trademarks, probate and tax planning, employment law and immigration law services, the buying and selling properties and all legal regulatory requirements.

Regardless of your legal needs, we have the experienced counsel you need and can help you.

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