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The property team at Tully Rinckey Ireland holds over 25 years of experience representing property developers, housing and government bodies, and individuals on large-scale, mixed retail, commercial and residential property projects. Our Partners are also well-versed in advising clients on the property and planning aspects of renewable energy projects.

Commercial property transactions require the assistance of an experienced property Solicitor who is well-versed in all aspects of buying and selling properties for commercial purposes.  Transactions may involve multiple parties as well as financial institutions, tax advisors, engagement with other service providers such as architects, engineers, building contractors and other professionals.

Several issues arise for consideration on a site acquisition to include whether the site is suitable for the proposed business operation, that there is no contamination on the site or in any pre-existing buildings.  The availability of services, water, sewerage etc. and other infrastructure aspects are key.  Where access for services and easements are required over third party land it is key to establish that legally binding agreements are in place with the parties and that there is a full understanding of the rights and obligations of all parties.

We advise both business owners and property owners on the negotiation of lease terms.  This will involve providing assistance in the negotiation of commercial terms, e.g. the rent review mechanism to be applied, extent of the repair obligation being assumed, addressing dilapidations on the exercise of a break option or termination etc.  We have acted in putting in place anchor tenancies in shopping centers, large scale office and retail developments and large scale industrial developments.

Commercial property ventures can be structured in a variety of ways, and inevitably will vary according to the scope of the project and the number of parties and properties involved. Financing, tax structures, exit arrangements, and many other issues should be taken into consideration at point of purchase.  It is important to seek the guidance of a knowledgeable property Solicitor coupled with taxation advice to determine the most appropriate structure for your commercial property venture.

We act in high volume acquisitions of residential properties acquired by funders /investors and leased to housing bodies to meet social housing needs.  We provide a title analysis on each acquisition with clear recommendations to proceed or flag items which require a commercial decision by the acquirer.  We have established agreed protocols with the Housing Agency, local authorities, and approved housing bodies which have assisted in streamlining the process of long term leasing of social housing for all parties.


Tully Rinckey Dublin provides a wide range of Irish and international clients the full spectrum of legal services they need to achieve their commercial objectives in an increasingly complex and globalized world.

Our solicitors advise clients across multiple practice areas, including business law, corporate law, corporate immigration, employment law, intellectual property, data protection and tax law.

Tully Rinckey’s global platform allows our Dublin solicitors to quickly marshal relevant experience across different practice areas and offices. The integrated nature of the Dublin practice means our Irish solicitors work closely, and on a regular basis, with their counterparts across the globe, delivering an efficient and cost-effective legal service to our clients.

Commitment to Quality

At Tully Rinckey, our commitment to quality never ends. We will listen to your legal concerns, and provide clear and concise legal advice in plain language to assist you with your legal issues and if required, represent you in legal proceedings.

In a fast moving legal landscape our already knowledgeable solicitors are continuously learning and honing their skills. You can be confident you will always receive the most innovative and up to date legal strategies.

We will make ourselves accessible to you, committing to be your long-term legal partner.

Our Experience

Our knowledgeable law team comes to the table with solicitors who have decades of years of direct practical experience and of having represented hundreds of clients. With years of practical experience comes practical solutions to legal issues. We are confident our team has the experience and the expertise to ensure we present you with a successful strategy.

Our Process

Our processes put the client first. We will communicate in a timely manner in plain English. In our consultations, we will listen to you, and take the time to understand your concerns. We will take the time to consider the most appropriate legal strategies. We will provide and explain all legal remedies and options that are available to you.

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