Intellectual Property Solicitors Dublin

The intellectual property and trademark solicitors at Tully Rinckey can help individuals or businesses obtain and protect patents and trademarks for industrial properties, and copyrights for artistic and literary works.

Tully Rinckey clients benefit from a valuable combination of global insight and local knowledge that allows us to handle all aspects of intellectual property law matters. Understanding the industry and the day-to-day issues faced by our clients is critical in delivering efficient and cost-effective intellectual, trademark and copyright solutions.


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We understand the complexities of the intellectual, trademark and copyright processes across all jurisdictions within which we practice. Our solicitors provide advice on:

  • Copyright;
  • Database Rights;
  • Designs;
  • GDPR;
  • Patents and Know-How;
  • Trade Marks;
  • Trade Secrets;
  • Transactional IP;
  • Unfair Competition; and
  • Unitary Patents and The Unified Patent Court.

Tully Rinckey have market leading intellectual property and data protection solicitors who are able to provide integrated and unique commercial solutions to our clients.


Intellectual Property Solicitors Dublin

Strategic Management

Strategic management and aggressive enforcement of your intellectual property, trademark and data protection rights are necessary to protect and strengthen your business interests. Practically applied intellectual property knowledge and expertise, coupled with a deep understanding of the challenges involved with conducting international business in a constantly evolving technological environment, allows Tully Rinckey’s team of solicitors to effectively strengthen and protect our client’s intellectual property and data protection portfolios.


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Copyright protects your expression, not mere ideas or facts but your expression of them.

It must be original and unlike patents it does not require any special registration process in this country. Copyright does not protect original ideas, just the original expression of those ideas! Currently the duration of a copyright is the life of the author plus 70 years.

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This is the area of intellectual property law which protects ideas, registration of which can be complicated and expensive. A patent confers upon its holder, for a limited period, usually 20 years, the exclusive right to exploit (making, using, selling, distributing, importing) the patented invention, and excludes any other party doing any of these things without the consent of the owner of the patent. A patent is a form of ‘industrial property’, which can be assigned, transferred, licensed or used by the owner.

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A trademark is a symbol that identifies the goods of a person or business, including any name, symbol, word, device, or combination of these that distinguishes the products from others. It should be one of the most valuable assets of any company. The trademark ‘Google’ was worth more than 25 percent of the company’s value in 2018, according to Forbes. Be aware that just because you have your company name registered with the CRO, it does not mean that other companies cannot use it.  In order to protect your company name or brand, you need to register them as a trademark.

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Tully Rinckey Dublin provides a wide range of Irish and international clients the full spectrum of legal services they need to achieve their commercial objectives in an increasingly complex and globalized world.

Our solicitors advise clients across multiple practice areas, including business law, corporate law, corporate immigration, employment law, intellectual property, data protection and tax law.

Tully Rinckey’s global platform allows our Dublin solicitors to quickly marshal relevant experience across different practice areas and offices. The integrated nature of the Dublin practice means our Irish solicitors work closely, and on a regular basis, with their counterparts across the globe, delivering an efficient and cost-effective legal service to our clients.

Commitment to Our Clients

Our team-oriented philosophy encourages open and ongoing communication. Our solicitors and other support staff working will work with you to ensure we understand your goals. Our commitment to you means meeting your objectives, working attentively and persistently toward your success, and efficiently adjusting to your changing needs.

Full Service Legal Firm

Our firm has particular expertise in business law, company and corporate services, data protection and GDPR, employment law equality and discrimination law, immigration law, intellectual property, litigation and dispute resolution, planning law, real estate and property, tax and technology law..

We also offer a variety of services, such as incorporating and filing annual returns for Irish Companies, registering patents and trademarks, probate and tax planning, employment law and immigration law services, the buying and selling properties and all legal regulatory requirements.

Regardless of your legal needs, we have the experienced counsel you need and can help you.

Our Experience

Our knowledgeable law team comes to the table with solicitors who have decades of years of direct practical experience and of having represented hundreds of clients. With years of practical experience comes practical solutions to legal issues. We are confident our team has the experience and the expertise to ensure we present you with a successful strategy.

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