Trade Union Recognition


Trade Union Recognition Advice

A trade union is an organisation formed to protect the rights and interests of the members it represents (employees in a particular industry). A trade union can:

  • Be an important source of information for employees
  • Provide employees with protection on employment matters
  • Negotiate with the employer for better pay and conditions

A trade union must have a licence to negotiate employee wages and other conditions of employment.


Employee Rights

Employees have a Constitutional right to join a trade union and the right to join the union of their choice as well as the right to leave a union. Employees cannot be dismissed from employment based on union membership.

There is no legal obligation for an employer to negotiate with a union on behalf of an employee member, unless previously agreed. This does not prevent a dispute about trade union recognition from being a lawful dispute.

Tully Rinckey employment solicitors can help employers in respect of advising on potential dealings with unions with the goal of achieving the best possible outcome for the employer.

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