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Ireland’s Labour Court provides impartial arrangements for the resolution of industrial disputes and the determination of appeals in disputes based on employment law.


Industrial Relations Act, 1946

Established under the Industrial Relations Act, 1946, its aim is to exercise the functions assigned to it by the Act. The functions of the Court have been expanded by subsequent legislation including the Workplace Relations Act 2015, which provides for changes to the 1946 Act. Under the provisions of the current Act, the Labour Court has appellate jurisdiction in all disputes under employment rights enactments.

The Labour Court operates as an industrial relations tribunal, hearing both sides of cases and issuing recommendations (or determinations/decisions/orders, depending of the type of case) setting out its opinion on the dispute and the terms on which each should be settled.

Recommendations made by the Court concerning the investigation of disputes under the Industrial Relations Acts 1946 – 2015 are not binding on the parties concerned, but the parties are expected to give serious consideration to the Court’s recommendation. Ultimately, responsibility for the settlement of a dispute rests with the parties.

The Court’s determinations under the Employment Rights enactment are legally binding.

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