An injunction is an order of court requiring a person to refrain from doing (prohibitory injunction), or to do, a particular act (mandatory injunction). It is a form of equitable relief and provides the applicant with a remedy where a grievance cannot be met by the common law remedy of damages. It is normally the plaintiff that seeks an injunction.

There are several types of injunction including:

  • Interim injunction
  • Interlocutory injunction
  • Perpetual Injunction
  • Quia Timet Injunction
  • Anti-Suit Injunction
  • Mareva Injunction
  • Anton Piller Injunction

An injunction is binding on any person having notice of the making of the order. A non-party who acts contrary to an injunction when they know of its existence and terms can be guilty of contempt.

Tully Rinckey solicitors can help employers in respect of advising on potential injunction applications, how to obtain one and how best to defend them.


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