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The employment of all non EEA nations are governed by the Employment Permits Acts 2003-2014 (as amended) and associated Regulations.

There are many different types of Employment Permits such as:

  1. Critical Skills Employment Permit
  2. Dependent Partner/Spouse Employment Permit
  3. Intra Company Transfer Employment Permit
  4. General Employment Permit

The General Employment Permit replaces the old Work Permit Employment Permit. General Employment Permits are the main vehicle used by the State to attract third country nationals for occupations which are experiencing a labour or skills shortage in Ireland.

Unlike Critical Skills Employment Permits where the State specifies eligible occupations, General Employment Permits assume all occupations to be eligible unless otherwise specified.

Attraction Of The General Employment Permit

The main attraction of the General Employment Permit for prospective candidates is that it permits a broader range of occupations than the other classes of employment permit and may be obtained in respect of a 12-month contract of employment. A General Employment Permit can be issued for an initial period of two years and can then be renewed for up to a further three years.

As with most employment permits the issue of a General Employment Permit is contingent on a job offer from a bona fide employer registered with the Revenue Commissioners and, if applicable, with the Companies Registration Office and is trading in Ireland. Amongst the information required is (a) full description of the proposed employment (b) the employment is not in an excluded job category and (c) the minimum annual remuneration is 30,000 euro although there are exceptions to this.

The Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation also assess employers to ensure they are genuine and a property legal entity to ensure that employees will be given their employment law entitlements and rights.

A labour market test is undertaken in most cases with some exceptions and the employer must advertise the position on the Department of Social Protection Employment Services/EURES employment network and in newspapers

Tully Rinckey Dublin employment law solicitors Dublin can assist employers and potential employees navigate the ins and outs of work permits in Ireland.

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