Workplace Relations Commission

If the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) finds in an employee’s favour, it can direct that the employee be reinstated or re-engaged. Compensation can be awarded up to a maximum of two years’ remuneration. Remuneration is defined widely and includes not only salary, but other benefits such as car, pension contributions, health insurance, etc.


Statutory Redundancy Entitlement

If an employer cannot reinstate or re-engage a worker, he or she is entitled to a statutory redundancy entitlement. The amount is related to the employee’s length of service and normal earnings (gross weekly wage, average regular overtime and payment in time), all added together, up to a maximum of €600 per week or €31,200 per annum.


Tully Rinckey employment law solicitors are available to advise on employee compensation-related matters, determining the most viable course of action to yield the best possible outcome for the employer.

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