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Examinership is a process in Irish law whereby the protection of the Courts is obtained to assist the survival of a company, who has run into financial difficulties. The key consideration for the courts is whether a restructuring plan, presented to the court, gives the company a reasonable prospect of survival as a going concern, once implemented. The courts are also concerned with the ongoing protection of existing jobs and to a lesser extent protecting existing creditors.

Where as in the past companies had to make an application to the High Court, which could prove prohibitively expensive, now under new rules, companies can make an application for examinership to the Circuit Court, making this a very viable option for a company, which has an underlying sound business, but for one reason or another, has short-term liquidity problems.\

Contact a Tully Rinckey Ireland Solicitor to discuss whether examinership may be the solution to your company’s current financial difficulties and the options open to you.

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