The proven business law solicitors at Tully Rinckey provide professional, experienced legal counsel and guidance for every aspect and every stage of your business, from establishment through start-up fundraising, growth and expansion, financing and fund-raising, business acquisitions, restructuring and ongoing legal compliance. We offer business law services nationally and internationally for both startups and ongoing concerns. We have market leading business solicitors across our Irish and international offices able to provide integrated and unique commercial legal solutions to clients.

When you start a business, you’ll want to choose a legal structure that maximizes your profits and reduces your tax liability. We understand how every type of legal business entity works across all jurisdictions within which we practice. Tully Rinckey business solicitors provide advice on all forms of business law, supporting our clients’ day-to-day and strategic business activities with in-depth knowledge across all the sectors and related regulatory regimes.

Our solicitors will guide you through your options and make recommendations based on the type of business you wish to operate, as well as your short-, medium-, and long-term goals. We’ll also draft and file the required documents to get your business up and running. Tully Rinckey clients benefit from a valuable combination of global insight and local knowledge that allows us to handle all aspects of complex domestic and cross-border business transactions. Understanding the industry and the day-to-day issues faced by our clients is critical to delivering efficient and cost-effective legal solutions.

No matter if you’re starting a new business or growing one that already exists, the capable business law solicitors at Tully Rinckey can handle any business law challenges you may face. Our team draws on a wealth of experience and a deep well of resources to strengthen your business model and maximize your bottom line.

Whether you’re starting a business or growing one, you need a solicitor who gets to know you and your company from the inside out. The business solicitors at Tully Rinckey do just that. We take a personal interest in making sure your company’s legal bases are covered. This forward-thinking approach helps us identify innovative solutions to your legal matters and allows us to anticipate legal or regulatory changes, so you can avoid issues before they happen.

Our solicitors are experienced in representing businesses of all sizes and in a wide range of fields, including healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, technology, municipalities and school districts, franchisees, not-for-profit corporations, and corporate international security. We provide the highest quality legal services available while doing so at very competitive rates, giving you the legal and financial edge you need to succeed in the marketplace.

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A global economy doesn’t necessarily make transacting international business any easier. If your company currently does business overseas or across the border of another country, or is contemplating doing so, you need legal representation that understands how international transactions and litigation are properly conducted.

The international business solicitors at Tully Rinckey represent both foreign and domestic clients in overseas and cross-border litigation matters. Our extensive experience in international business – across a wide variety of industries, and particularly in South America – gives us a clear edge in protecting your cross-border interests. Tapping into a considerable interdisciplinary knowledge base, our solicitors handle virtually all aspects of cross-border transactions.

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Your business start-up or developing company may not need or can’t afford to hire in-house solicitors. Even mature businesses sometimes lack the legal workflow to justify retaining full-time general counsel. Under such circumstances, you have another option – outsourcing general counsel services to a qualified law firm.

The solicitors at Tully Rinckey provide corporate, administrative, and general counsel services on an as-needed basis to businesses of all sizes. We take a personal interest in your business and typically assign one seasoned corporate or general counsel solicitor who serves as your primary point of contact. Beyond that, you have full access to our team of industry-leading solicitors, who apply their decades of legal experience to ensure that each legal matter is handled with the utmost care and efficiency.

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Why Mediation?

Because in our experience mediation works!

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The winding up or liquidation of a company brings to an end the trading life of a company. It occurs voluntarily or involuntarily.

Voluntary liquidation is undertaken when the shareholders decide that they would like to realise their investment and the company is solvent enabling them to receive payment.

An involuntary liquidation generally means the company is insolvent. “Involuntary” usually means that a creditor (or shareholder) has forced the hands of the shareholders/directors by a Court Order to wind up or the financial circumstances of the trading of the company compel it to cease activities and call in a liquidator.

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This is an area of law that may affect you without you knowing it. If you work with other people, professionals or otherwise and you are not a limited company, then you could be in a partnership with or without you knowing it! If you do not have a written partnership agreement, then you will come under the rules as stated in the Partnership Act of 1890. If you are starting a partnership or think you may be in an unwritten one, we would strongly recommend that you have a partnership agreement drafted, otherwise the 1890 Act applies to you, whether you want it to or not.

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Debt Collection, debt recovery or loss mitigation: whatever you want to call it, it is a crucial element to any business. Without a healthy cash-flow your business is destined to struggle. Having proper debt collection systems in place will ensure a healthy cash flow for your business. Maintaining a healthy debtor’s ledger is not only essential in maintaining a healthy business, it can be the difference between success and failure.

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Tully Rinckey Dublin provides a wide range of Irish and international clients the full spectrum of legal services they need to achieve their commercial objectives in an increasingly complex and globalized world.

Our solicitors advise clients across multiple practice areas, including business, corporate, corporate immigration, employment, intellectual property and tax law.

Tully Rinckey’s global platform allows our Dublin solicitors to quickly marshal relevant experience across different practice areas and offices. The integrated nature of the Dublin practice means our Irish solicitors work closely, and on a regular basis, with their counterparts across the globe, delivering an efficient and cost-effective legal service to our clients.

Commitment to Our Clients

Our team-oriented philosophy encourages open and ongoing communication with every solicitor, paralegal, and other support staff working with each client ensures we understand their goals. Our commitment to you means meeting your objectives, working attentively and persistently toward your success, and efficiently adjusting to your changing needs.

Commitment to Quality

At Tully Rinckey, our commitment to quality never ends. We listen to your legal concerns, counsel you on your legal issues and represent you in legal proceedings. Our already knowledgeable solicitor are continually learning more, developing their resources and honing their skills. We make ourselves accessible to you at every turn, committing to be your long-term legal partner.

Our Experience

Our highly knowledgeable law team comes to the table with solicitors who have 20 to 30 years of experience representing hundreds of clients. With hundreds of years of combined experience in appellate, international and U.S. business and corporate commercial law, litigation, criminal law, immigration, bankruptcy, employment law, estate planning, our team has what it takes to ensure your success.

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